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Puppy Manners Class $120

This is socialization and basic manners class. We will focus on exposing your puppy to many of the things they will come in contact with throughout their lives so they learn not to fear the unknown but rather be excited to see what it is all about. Half of the class is spent socializing with other puppies, people, locations and items. Playtime with other puppies is crucial to developing good dog social skills. Learning how to communicate with their species is critical in preventing future behavior struggles. The other half of class we focus on basic manners and basic puppy issues. Skills include: sit, down, coming when called, beginning of loose leash walking and learning to relax on a mat. We will also discuss all of the basic puppy issues: potty training, crate training, biting, chewing, digging, etc. Puppies must have 1 DHPP and 1 Bordetella vaccine and be 16 weeks or younger to start class. Classes start January 11, 2018. This class rotates so you can start the week your puppy is ready. This format prevents missing the critical socialization period for your puppy!!

Puppy Classes are held at: Magrane Pet Medical Center 3945 Edison Lakes Parkway Mishawaka, IN 46545

6pm – 7pm Thursday evenings in the Lobby


February 15
April 5
July 5
August 23
August 30
November 22
December 20
December 27
Questions? (574) 220-6487

2018 Puppy Class Registration

Adolescent Dog In-Home Classes

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$250 for 5 in-home and on location classes

This in-home class is designed so you will get all of the information of a class with a schedule that meets your needs. These classes will be kid friendly, they are welcome to participate in training depending on age, ability and interest. It may be necessary, if your child is small, that you have a helper either for your dog or for your child. There may also be opportunities for off leash play and training with other puppies depending on social status, size and play skills.

Adolescent Classes are designed for puppies 4 months – 12 months of age. This can be a very challenging time for families with an adolescent puppy. They act like they can’t hear, they get into things they shouldn’t, they jump on visitors, dig in the yard and chew up belongings….it’s tough, I get it. In this 5 week session we focus on Basic Manners, Doorway issues, Coming when called, Loose Leash Walking and many other issues. Because this class is 1-on-1 we also focus on issues that are specific to your family and your puppy. I want you to have a puppy you are proud to show off, that behaves well and is a joy to have around.

Preregistration and scheduling of 5 sessions is required for this class. That ensures that we stay on schedule and have weekly accountability to reach goals and milestones.
Training Liability Waiver

Please call me if you have any questions: (574) 220-6487

Adolescent Dog Class

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$150 for 4 intensive group classes for puppies 4 months to 8 months

Location: Magrane Pet Medical Center 3945 Edison Lakes Parkway Mishawaka, IN 46545

Date: Next Class starts January 14, 2018 through February 4, 2018

Time: 1pm

Agenda: Loose Leash Walking (not pulling on leash), Greeting Skills (not jumping on guests or family members), Focus (getting your dogs attention and keeping it), Stay (impulse control exercises), Off Leash Play (building good social skills and prevention of dog reactivity, reading dog body language)

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$50 additional fee required