Behavioral Consulting | $250

Multiple dog issues (like in home fighting) that require behavior modification of multiple dogs is a $150 additional charge for each dog and likely will require a 2 1/2 hour appointment.

A behavioral consultation involves a 1.5 hour meeting with me and your entire family, including the pet(s). Before the meeting there is an in-depth questionnaire that will need completed by you. Once you return it to me, I will review it and contact you about setting up our first appointment. The questionnaire allows me the opportunity to learn about the issues, to get a feel for what daily life is like and the routines of the household. In the first half of our meeting, we will formulate a treatment plan together, based on your goals for your pet and based on what the dog is capable of. This is done together so that everyone in the home agrees and can participate in the plan to make the problem better. The treatment plan will be set up in chronological sequence and I will have additional reading materials for specific training patterns that may need to be done. The second half of the appointment we will spend training.  Implementing some initial training techniques so you can reach your goals. People always ask me, “Can you fix my dog?” I don’t pretend to work miracles. Likely the issues you are having with your pet have been going on for quite some time and there isn’t a person that can fix that permanently in 1 visit. Behavior problems take time to develop and behavior modification takes time and patience to implement. My job is to coach you and your family so that you can reach the goals you have for your pet.

Canine Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire
TRAINING AND LIABILITY WAIVER - to be signed by all clients
Feline Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire

Saturday appointments are available for an additional $50 for each session.

Skype/Facetime Consulting | $100/hr

This service is helpful for people that live out of my service area but that still would like help with their pet. It is also useful for families with challenging work schedules or families that have a pet that acts very different in the presence of visitors. It can be a good starting point but also can be a great option for follow up appointments as well.


Email Consulting | $25

This is a service that includes up to 5 response emails in regards to a training question, training issue, behavioral issue or possibly a medical question. Reserved for people who want to learn more about a particular topic but don’t need a consult, clients that may not be in my area, or ongoing behavioral issue that you may be struggling with. This will not be charged to my ongoing behavior or training cases, as they have access to me as they need it.


Follow up visits/training | $125/hr or 3 sessions for $330

There are times that follow up visits are necessary. Follow up appointment reassure you that you are on the right path, they tweak technique, they can help me observe small changes in your pet that indicate we are going in the right direction and they can allow for changes in parts of the treatment plan that might not be working. Since behavioral modification is multi level, we can’t tackle every single issue at the first appointment. We first focus on the most pressing issues and move forward as the dog learns each level. Follow up trainings are primarily used for additional issues that need focus but are further down the road based on where the dog is at the time of the first visit. They are most helpful in continuing you on your journey.

Obedience training is basic manners for your dog. Sit, down, stay, loose-leash walking, stand, tricks, go to your mat to name a few. This is not limited to the above. These sessions can be specific to one problem dog behavior, like jumping up or pulling on the leash, or rushing through doorways. The goals of each session is up to you.


Day Training - "I train your dog while you're at enjoy your well trained dog!"

Sold in packages only, all appointments must be pre-approved and pre-scheduled.

$600/6 session split as follows:

     Week 1 - 3 visits, 1 hour each

     Week 2 - 2 visits, 1 hour each

     Week 3 - 1 visit, 1 hour transfer session to be done with at least 1 family member

This is for pre-approval. An education plan will be put in place so short term and long term goals are measured and met. This is a service in which I come to your home, while you’re at work, preform the required training and leave you a follow up report (and video when appropriate) about what we worked on that day and what you will need to do between visits. Could be anything from basic obedience to dog reactivity on leash. 

Day Training $600/6 sessions

Pet Pick Up/Drop Off $20

This service is for busy clients that need me to transport their pet before or after boarding or for a veterinary procedure. I can bring your pet home to you and have them waiting for you when you return from your trip, with a wagging tail and plenty of licking for an appropriate homecoming. This service can also be used if your dog needs to go to the veterinarian, a recheck, update of vaccinations, etc.

In Home Medical Care

This service is for animals needing some medical care that may be beyond what you feel comfortable doing. This is also available for patients who need medical care while you are out of town. This can include: Giving oral medication, giving fluids at home, injections or other medical procedures. This can also be used for things like nail trims for the pet that doesn’t do well going to the vet office.

School/Therapy Dog Visits | Free

This is a FREE service!

*Career day *Dog Bite Prevention *Reading with Fry *Hospital Therapy Visits *Grief Support *Positive Training Presentation *Human Animal Bond Presentation *Veterinary Clinic Behavior Presentations

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