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It’s super awkward to write an entire “about me” page about myself so I’m going to leave it to my closest friends and family to do it for me.  Plus, it makes it extra awkward for them instead of me….an added bonus.

I’ll give a short description of myself first and we’ll see how it measures up against how some of my most favorite people describe me.  Keep reading.....

Me:  I’m a mom, wife, business owner, crossfitter, runner, sister, daughter and happiness seeker.  I’m super grateful for my life and try to live in that spirit every day.  I’m loyal and generous and try to sprinkle kindness wherever I go.  I care deeply about animals and people and I try to work with my patients and clients in a way that is compassionate and fits into their lifestyle, modifying as I go.  Flaws, I’ve got them.  I sometimes yell at my kids, I eat too many sweets and I laugh way too loud! 

"Neika has remarkable charisma.  Everyone is happier in her presence."

Jason S. - brother 43 years 

“Neika brings positive vibes and joy to share wherever she goes.  She loves giving hope and a voice for pets and people alike.”     

Stephanie S. - Friend of 33 years

“Mom, you are the strongest most independent person I know and I’m am so glad to have you as a role model!  You care more about others than any person in this whole world.”

Nora S. - Daughter of 16 years

“If Sir Isaac Newton and Bob Marley had a child, that child would be a lot like Neika.”

Linda O. - Friend of 8 years

“Neika is a dedicated workhorse to anything she devotes herself to.  She always strives to do things with positivity and patience and she doesn’t know the definition of failure.”

Regina K. - Friend 20 years

"Neika is an energetic, fun-loving ray of sunshine, and the strongest advocate for those who are unable to speak for themselves.  Your life is enriched with her in it!

Kelli R. - Sister 4 years

"Neika and I have been best friends for over 34 years and I can count on her to be there through thick and thin.  She is the most loyal, hard working, smart, amazing person I know." 

Christa R. - Bestie 34 years

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