• Indiana Winters & Fun Updates
    Toenail Tuesday, Figid Temperatures, Adolescent Day Training Read more
  • Toenail Tuesday is Back.....sort of.
    I'm going to keep this newsletter very brief so pay attention because I'm going to go quickly and you don't want to miss what I'm about to say.I'm planning a Read more
  • Toenail Tuesday Update (and other fun stuff)
    You've likely been waiting for it.......You've likely been dreading the update email......You've likely been hearing your dogs nails clicking on the floor.....I'm not presenting you with the news that we Read more
  • Lemonade out of Lemons
    I'm always trying to produce content that is needed and helpful.  Lately I've been doing a lot of "Day Training" here at my home.  There have been some surprises to Read more
  • Toenail Tuesday
    Hi Friends!!Man, I miss you guys so much.  Can you believe I've been providing this free service for more than 20 years now?  I've only missed 1 month in all Read more

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