Additional Services

Pet Nail Trimming  $20

NOTE:  I am currently offering an alternate version of Toenail Tuesday at a different location at a fee of $10/dog.  

Reserve your spot HERE 

*In home nail trims are currently reserved for pets that are difficult to transport only.

$10 additional for each dog

Pet Pick Up/Drop Off $20

This service is for busy clients that need me to transport their pet before or after boarding or for a veterinary procedure. I can bring your pet home to you and have them waiting for you when you return from your trip, with a wagging tail and plenty of licking for an appropriate homecoming. This service can also be used if your dog needs to go to the veterinarian, a recheck, update of vaccinations, etc.

In Home Medical Care  (Price dependent on services)

This service is for animals needing some medical care that may be beyond what you feel comfortable doing. This is also available for patients who need medical care while you are out of town. This can include: Giving oral medication, giving fluids at home, injections or other medical procedures. 

School/Therapy Dog Visits | Free

This is a FREE service!

*Career day *Dog Bite Prevention *Reading with Fry *Hospital Therapy Visits *Grief Support *Positive Training Presentation *Human Animal Bond Presentation *Veterinary Clinic Behavior Presentations

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