Adolescent 4 months - 12 months

Training Options

Adolescent Training Options

Day Training - The first in person meeting (after the virtual goal planning session) will occur at my training facility where your dog will be fitted with a Wonder Walker Harness and you will be introduced to clicker training.  We will work together in this session.
Virtual Coaching

REGISTER HERE: 1hour virtual coaching session
Description of Service: Day Training:  This service is me coaching you on how to train your dog.  Expect homework at each session to prepare for the next session. I teach you how to train your dog
Cost of Service: $850
Required Forms Day Training Drop Off FORM Abbreviated Behavioral Consultation Questionnaire
Additional requirements: $125 virtual goal planning session is required for ALL NON-ESTABLISHED client. One time fee.
Goal Planning Registration Here

Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30am - 2pm.

Saturday appointments available for $50 additional fee per hour.
Location: Day Training:  The first appointment is at my training facility in Bremen, IN.  The next 4 session locations will be determined based on the dogs needs. In your home
Sessions: Day Training is Monday through Thursday every other week. 1 hour
Skills: Level 1:  
Introduction of the clicker
Sit, Down, Touch (reliably in distracting environments too)
Game play and exploration of play style Socialization with peers and new situations Wonder Walker fitting
Introduction to Loose Leash Walking
Relax on your Mat Phase 1
Manners:  jumping, attention seeking, pushy behaviors, biting

Level 2:  
Loose Leash Walking progression to short outdoor walking
Introduction to Recall - coming when called Relax on your Mat Phase 2
Stay and Wait - understanding the difference and using them appropriately
Trick or open behavior that dog enjoys Socialization and exploration with peers

Level 3: 
Loose Leash Walking with distractions
Coming when called with distractions
Stay and wait with distractions
Socialization and exploration with peers
Game play (scent work, chase toy, retrieve, etc) New behavior introduction (trick, functional or a necessary behavior)

Level 4+: Specific areas of struggle defined by family will be the focus.
Skill set determined and set based on the age and needs of the puppy
Additional Information: Day Training - 1st session is done at my training facility. Next 4 session locations will be determined based on your dogs needs.  Each appointment is 1hr long with 5 total appointments per package.   All sessions can be done with any family member in attendance via a digital device.
Includes: Clicker
Wonder Walker Body Halter
Each level includes some progressive training item based on your dogs needs and goals.

Who this is good for: Great option for continuing socialization until their 1st birthday with controlled small group play and focus on building manners and ability to follow instructions with distractions of other dogs. 
Good for busy families with little time to devote to training basic manners.
Great for dogs who are waiting to be spayed/neutered and still wanting to build or maintain their socialization skills.
Option is good for families interested in the training process but struggle with challenging schedules

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